Bring your family, loved ones, and part-cat-part-child-mannequin best buddies, the Kansas City streetcar is opening. We've got shirts (and more!) to prove it.

Stickers: Get them before our entire world is digital and there are no longer tangible objects made of matter that adhesive vinyl can cling to!

Keep your canned beverage cool while reminding people of important traffic tips and different modes of transportation? Your wildest dreams have come true!

We've got actual cereal bowls for Cedar Rapids (the city built on cereal)! Currently they are in-store only ($25). They are portion-sized, which makes them look a little small!

In honor of Kansas' new-found interest in people's genitals, we've got shirts with a possible new state slogan -- "Kansas: Now Inspecting Genitals!" ($21). We also have a blog post with ideas we didn't use.

next Wednesday Max Jury will be back in Des Moines and will play a short, intimate show inside of RAYGUN. doors open at 7PM and the show goes from 7:15P to 7:45P, ends at 8P (so don't dilly-dally!). 

Today is the grand opening of our new store in Cedar Rapids! We have about 20 brand new designs for our new neighbors in the NewBo district. Come and check us out in the big city or browse our various CR products on our website here.

With legislators in North Carolina wanting to inspect genitalia to ensure "proper" bathrooms are used, it seems quaint to remember when the Missouri legislature wanted to change the female intern dress code to prevent harassment and assault by elected officials! This Is My Not Wanted Sexual Attention From Missouri State Legislators Shirt ($21)

last spring, did your, "Does March Madness get you sent to one of Obama's Death Panels?" question give away that you may not be the biggest sports fan? well we've got shirts that will make even the most casual sports observer look like someone who takes sports way too seriously! Go Yes Sports ($21), I'm An Athletic Supporter ($21), and Beat The Other Team ($21).

sports can be dehydrating. keep those liquids in you. Koozies for $3 and Mugs for $10.

in times of uncertainty, it's good to take stock of what really matters in this world: sports. sorry family, but we got money on this game.

it's almost March Madness, so the great state of Kansas is in the news for something besides economic mismanagement and creationism! Kansas: We Love Our Self ($21) shirts are online and in Des Moines and Kansas City. but, wait, there's more! Climb Kansas postcards or Don't Meth With Kansas stickers are in stores and online as well.

ever want products covered in art-assisted puns about some Midwestern states? oh, man, are you in luck! our "faces" series is right up your alley.

Donald Trump is bringing stupid back, and Gary couldn't be happier. Facts? Figures? Fuck 'Em! If we wanna believe that Mexico is gonna build us a wall and that wall will result in us all being rich and happy, then we'll believe it, dammit! Make America Poorly-Educated Again shirt for $21!

this past winter, acclaimed Iowa-author Jennifer Wilson brought us a manuscript that captured Iowa's current water-quality battle in a sultry-ish novel. we decided to publish it for her. why get into publishing? well, we already make some questionable business decisions, so what's one more! you can buy Water for $15

you'd think us needing clean water would be pretty self-explanatory, buuuuuutttttt maybe a helpful reminder with America Needs Clean Water Shirt for $21.

america needs farmers ... but even farmers need clean water. America Needs Clean Water Stickers for $3.

anyone else giggle in Junior High Earth Science when talkd about cleavage in rock formations? no? anyhoo, the classic Yay Cleavage v-neck for $21.

our cat-buddy, Gary, finally compliments something we've done. keep it simple: don't give a cat a raygun. assorted Mew Mew Mew products available to remind you of that rule.

are water rings on tables ruining your life? if so, you need to really reassess your priorities. still, we sell Cork Coasters for $1.50. soon we'll be releasing printed wood coasters.