Be sure to take advantage of our weekend sale to help you take your mind off how freaking cold you are.

if you still own a pen, we sell NOTEBOOKS for $5. each notebook is made entirely in the Midwest -- Wisconsin supplies the paper paper, they are cut and bound by union labor in Des Moines, then designed and printed in Des Moines. 

90's Patterned Kid Leggings ($27) : for kids who weren't born in the 90's, but whose parents understand how important neon is for proper development.

Who needs GPS technology when you can use a DSM Map Sticker ($1.50) or any one of our DSM Map products to get your around town?

Our new Iowish Pint Glass ($13) and Iowish Shot Glass ($8) not only hold your beverage, but may promote some smooches . Check out all our other Iowish products for the possibility of even more kisses. (And if not, at least you have some cool stuff.)

after our event where we raised over $5,000 for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, we are offering those shirts online for a limited time. proceeds to to PPH. there is the Uterus Shirt, Unplanned Parenthood, I Am PP, I Stand with PP, 1973, Slut on Birth Control, and GOP Vagina. we support women's freedom to make decisions about their body. but if you want to let us know you'll never shop here again because of that support, please e-mail!

in an effort to draw the ire of Y'All Qaeda, we're hosting a private event in DM to raise money for Planned Parenthood. 50% of all sales that night will go to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. New shirts made for the event, like the Uterus Shirt are online and will help raise money for PP along with our old classics like GOP Vagina or Just Another Slut on Birth Control.

We have so much cat stuff, it's kinda ridiculous! Bibs, glassware, koozies, keychains, shirts (duh), notebooks, cardigans, bags, postcards, magnets, buttons, stickers, and more! Shop it all here.

the next leader of the free world has to come through Iowa! gotcha suckers! we commemorate this with shirts, buttons, mugs, postcards, and posters!

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