Go ahead ... just try and leave for good. You'll be baaaaaaaaaack.

We're from Des Moines. You've probably heard of it. We've been on a thing called "Internet Lists of Cities" several times. Ringing any bells?

Show that school pride by paying down your debt!

Headbands ($10)! Designed, cut, and sewn by RAYGUN right here in the Midwest. 

Pillow Cases (with pillow included)! Designed, cut, and sewn by RAYGUN in beautiful downtown Des Moines. In stores and online.

Des Moines East Village: Awesome Neighborhood, Terrible Name. it has been our home since we opened at East 4th and Locust in 2005. it wouldn't be the same without the gang of folks on this shirt.

The minor league stadium in Des Moines may now TECHNICALLY be Principal Park, but to us, it is still Sec Taylor. Sec Taylor Shirt ($21).

a handy guide to regional Rivalries on shirts and more! goes along with our other Midwest Map design.

this new poster will be studied for centuries as a pillar of Midwestern Civilization. 

... and one day, when the art world has pulled its head out of its ass, our No Ranch poster will take its rightful place amongst fine art.