After almost 6 months of development, we are rolling out our new house blank: The Greatest T-Shirt In The Universe. Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester. Designed by us and then Cut & Sewn by Fair Trade Certified labor in the USA. It will be worked into production this summer in 3 colors: Heather Blue, Heather Grey, and Heather Black. Kids shirts and tanks to follow!

No matter what digits precede your phone number, you can jog, dammit! We have #-RUN-# designs on some bad-ass Dri-Fit shirts. In stores and online.

Start your day off right with a big box of Cedar Rapids! Part of this complete state!

This year, we have raised over $20k for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (IA & NE) and Planned Parenthood Great Plains (MO, KS, AR, OK).

Gary's getting his own beer! ....... finally. Initial tasting at the Des Moines store this Friday, May 26. Then another tasting at the Cedar Rapids store next Friday, June 2. Available to buy at lots of Hy-Vees, then on tap at lots of restaurants.

For all of May, our America Needs Public Education shirt will raise money for KC Public Schools and Whittier Elementary (where our photographer volunteers!). Here are some of the great kids and teachers at Whittier!

The Kansas City, Kansas Archdiocese severed all ties with the Girl Scouts this week. Why? We investigate on our blog.

We've always wondered how conservative legislators have found the time to learn so much about the females. And on our blog, we discover how: The Conservative's School of Women's Health!