RAYGUN is a union shop that has designed and printed for all sorts of folks! To get started, or to get a quote, feel free call/text 515 288 1323 or e-mail us: custom@raygunsite.com

Below you will see some basic information to give you a little information before you get started...  

These are our stock shirts that we have at all times. However, we can order just about any brand, color, or blend under the sun, so if there is something else you'd like to use, just let us know! 

These are the most common styles of shirts -- Standard, Snug, Kids, Onesies. Not all colors are available in all styles of shirts. And then not all colors are available in all sizes of styles. 

Again, if there is something else you'd like -- v-necks, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies -- you can let us know and we can order it for you.

Beyond shirts, we print on lots of other things. Above is a sampling. Products we don't print on in house -- pint glasses, mugs, stickers, etc -- we can source for you. 

If you have a design you'd like us to use, just send us the file and we can get started! If you need design help, we can mock up some ideas for you. We'll send you some ideas, then mock up digital samples for approval, and then get your order started. 

Some design fees may apply. 

All of our inks are hand mixed, so the sky's the limit on print colors that go onto the shirt. We can use a standard color or match a pantone.

Once we have your order and approval, we get rolling, and can finish your order in about 2 weeks. We can hurry the process, though rush fees may apply. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us: custom@raygunsite.com!