1-Star Review of the Week!

We get a lot of flack for being "snowflakes" or "giant assholes" or only selling things to "wannabe communist idiots" (boy, if we had a nickel for every time we heard that! .... we'd have a nickel). But these commenters have obviously never studied business. Because RAYGUN doesn't  just make stuff, we trickle on you. And our trickle is blind to political party, race, creed, gender. People give us money, and we trickle on everyone! When you're shopping here, you're getting trickled on! So it's almost like your paying yourself. 

So you may not agree with some of our slogans, but you can surely agree that trickle down economics is real, and that shopping here will get you trickled on. 

Feels good doesn't it? Warm.