Iowa Governor Signs Bill Supporting Middle Eastern Abortion Provider.

DES MOINES (May 10) - Earlier this year, Iowa's governor supported a measure to strip all state money from Planned Parenthood. Because, you know, abortion and stuff. Though no Iowa money currently goes to abortions (a legal procedure, FYI), Branstad just feels better if Iowa money is kept completely out of the hands of abortion providers (except hospitals, etc). 

So we can only imagine the conservatives' chagrin when Branstad signed an "Israel anti-boycott" bill to make sure that no Iowa money will go to companies that boycott Israel.

But Israel allows abortion! So Iowa money is going directly to Israeli abortions?!

What if a company is boycotting Israel based on abortion and not on Jewish stuff?

In a state that held the entire budget hostage over Planned Parenthood funding, in a country that was willing to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood funding, what are we do cavorting with Middle Eastern abortionists? We need to get our priorities straight! Start Iowa money flowing to countries that bravely stand up against abortion, like Iran.