Milwaukee is Designing a New Flag! And a Look at Other Midwestern City Flags.

MILWAUKEE (May 18) - On June 14, Milwaukee will announce the final design for it's new city flag. The above is one of a few finalists found at! It's been a short 119 years since the last city flag contest, decided on by the Milwaukee Journal-Stentinel in 1897. 

That flag looked like this:

Milwaukee's current flag, is, apparently this

Re-designing city flags must be "a thing" right now, since South Bend also just had a new design competition. Here is a look at the old flag, options, and new flag: 

And one of those proposed flag options has 5 6-point stars, which makes us think of another city's flag. Chicago. Pretty well known, as far as city flags go. This design seems to be staying put:

Fargo. Below may or may not be Fargo's flag. They've jumped on the "re-design the flag" bandwagon. And we can find a bunch of options for Fargo flags, but can't really find what is their official flag:

Detroit. Never would have guessed this one. Luckily it's got "Detroit" written on it. Too bad it's got an image of Detroit burning down (did they just buy the old Chicago flag?):

Grand Rapids. Uhhhhh .... what is that? It looks like a Zombie Pacman:

Cleveland. Man, really phonin' it in, Cleveland:

Cincinnati. This one's nice! Though seems to give the impression that Cincinnati is on an ocean:

Indianapolis. Oh boy. Looks a little like a roundabout:

Des Moines. Our home city doesn't do it too bad! Bridge City, baby:

Minneapolis. Looks like it could be a pennant. But is actually a blue triangle on a white background. Though a local designer has proposed some other options for the Mini-Apple:

St Paul. The other Twin City really jazzes it up. Winged tire, log cabin, capitol dome, one star. All present and accounted for:

Green Bay. Actually puts the Packers logo on the flag. Wowzers. Who says Pack Fans are annoying?!


Sioux Falls:

Kansas City. There is kind of a creepy element to KC's "Fountains" design. We don't know what it is. It's .... something:

Wichita. Apparently currently fighting off a re-design campaign?!

St Louis. Doesn't have the Arch or Cardinals STL on it?  

Bismarck. Oh god no. It looks like a yard sign for a County Auditor candidate.