New Details on the "KC Panty Raid" of 2014

KANSAS CITY (May 20) - In October 2014, Homeland Security Agents raided Birdies (a small shop in the KC's Crossroads), taking roughly 50 pairs of panties Birdies had made with the Royals logo. At the time, it seemed a little heavy-handed. Now Vice Sports has finally gotten internal e-mails (over 100 pages!) detailing how and why the raid happened

At the time, Homeland Security claimed that agents were just walking by and noticed the panties. But according to e-mails, this was part of a goal to boost numbers (even if those numbers were from cases that "don't meet criteria"). Homeland Security in KC heard about a small shop selling the panties on sports radio, Googled and finally found Birdies.

MLB can rest easy knowing that government's got their back.