Nitro Sock: Behind the Helmet

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Nitro Sock, the futuristic, power square-wielding spaceman started off as your average every day hero. Whether it's defeating flying robots or invaders from space, follow along as we recount the story of Nitro's origins.
COSTUME INSPIRATION: We took a few elements from Spaceman Spiff, Eve, and Star Wars in general. We wanted him to be simple, but charismatic.
CONCEPT SKETCHES: Nitro evolved a bit from our initial idea. We eventually went with a spacesuit and helmet combo. 
STORY ON LOCATION: Once we nailed down the story we went out into the wild and took photos for our backdrops. Mike would often suit up and model as Nitro on location.
This part takes place right as Nitro jumps in to rescue Des Moines from flying robots!
The pivotal scene featuring Nitro's rocket takes place entirely inside of and on the roof of Barkley Ad agency in downtown Kansas City!
And here's a couple scenes we shot outside of Pigwich and the Plaza
FINAL PRODUCT: Once everything was designed and finalized, we sent it off to the printer and the rest was history.
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