What Baseball Needs: A Good Punch in the Face

Baseball's been looking to get the ratings up, and KC's got the ticket: a good punch in the face. 5 hour games, $15 hot dogs, dudes in kind of tight pants scratching themselves and spitting, it's enough to make me feel violent, that's for sure. Not to mention America is head-over-heels in love with head injuries. Look at football. The true American pastime. You can watch grown men batter each other while they can still all remember their names and don't suffer from suicidal thoughts. Intersperse the violence with beer commercials, car commercials, beer commercials, video game commercials, beer commercials, fast food commercials, and beer commercials, and you've got top notch entertainment. If those fists keep flying, I think baseball should be heading for that ratings up-tick it was looking for.