Mo Interns, Mo Problems

You know, I remember the days when not just the Missouri House Speaker, but the President of the United States could do a lot more than exchange a few lewd messages with a young, female intern. John Diehl probably wishes it was 1997 again. He could have not only told this girl he sleeps naked, he could have had her blow him on his desk, ejaculate on her dress, get caught, lie about it, finally admit it, and not only keep his job but become a political icon whose wife may be president! 

The good old days. 

But welcome to the pussification of America. A strong national defense? Yeah right, we're letting Al Qaida pretty much walk over the border with a nuke, and when they arrive we give them a free Obama phone, car and house. Treating men like men? Hell no! Football players (our "last bastion of hope for toughness in American men!") are sounding like a bunch of sissified drama queens with their, "I suffer from suicidal thoughts" and "I have early onset dimentia at 42" and "I don't want to die young."  

And now, a person in a position of power can't even take advantage of a young girl without fear of losing his job. What's worse: I heard Obama is going to give Diehl's job to an illegal immigrant ... Ted Cruz.