Millions of Dead Chickens!

Most landfills in Iowa are refusing to take the 26 million avian casualties of Bird Flu and are politicians view this as "a problem." All you hear is "How do we dispose of the birds to stop the spread?" or "Is the food supply safe?" or "Can you catch it from a McNugget?" Talk about a lack of vision!

Let's think outside the box for a minute: 26 million birds is a big goddam pile of birds and we need a ski resort in this state. Unlike those static, plain-old-mountain ski resorts, this one could get bigger each year with the previous summer's dead birds. Our industrialized agriculture is always going to have a reason to cull the herd of diseased foodstuffs. Just this year, the former owners of a 1-million-a-day egg operation in Iowa were sentenced to 90 days in jail for a salmonella-outbreak that sickened 56,000 people -- those were chickens that could have gone onto Mt Poultry! 

Open up Mt Poultry to diseased hogs or cows, and in a few years we could see the beginnings of the Midwestern Rockies. The tourism destination we've always dreamed of here in Iowa. Imagine being able to stand atop a fly-infested symbol of over-production and gaze out over our states clear, blue (well, brown-ish) nitrate-rich rivers. Hipsters and ski bums would flock, families would come to vacation ... just wouldn't want their children to lick the mountain.