Iowa City Ideas we Didn't Use

At the very least, downtown Iowa City is hard to summarize. Trees wearing sweaters, unsupervised pianos left outside, but also drunk 9AM bro fights if it's an early home game (or just an Olympic Hockey Game, as happened the other day). There were a lot of ideas that didn't make the cut when we were designing the t-shirt homage to our second city. Here are some that didn't make it: 

The Tree Sweater Capitol of the World!

Follow the Brownish-Tan Brick Road! 

A Real Swath of Humanity

Where Tree Sweaters and Bro Bars Collide! 

From Bums to Boutiques 

Boutiques, Beers, and Bums

Boutiques, Bars, Bums, and Bros

Boutiques, Bars, Bums, and Blackout Drunk Bros

Bump into a Bum, a Boutique, or a Blackout Drunk Bro

Football Players on Mopeds

Where a Helmet When You Ride Your Moped you Stupid Bastards!

Who's Homeless and Who's in College? Hard to Tell Sometimes. 

Where Hip Meets Homeless

Where Hipsters Meet Homeless-sters 

The Porsches are Usually Driven by Asian Kids

Remember That Time Someone Almost Burned down the Capitol? Anyone?

Pedestrian Walking Signals are Optional 

Don't Hit the College Kids with your Car (Too Much) 

Party Like it's 9AM on an Early Game Day! 

.... But we don't sell enough shirts to make all those, still, that "wear a helmet" idea is just good advice (FYI).