Screech Goes to Court in Port Washington

Who says the wheels of justice aren't turning?! One of the greatest threats to public safety in Eastern Wisconsin, Dustin "Screech" Diamond, is on trial for a felony charge of second-degree recklessly endangering.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has a long history of offensive behavior. This otherwise great state has produced the notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, the Silence of the Lambs-inspiration Ed Gein, and Bon Iver.  

When it comes to the Cheesehead State's latest brush with notoriety, the Miwaukee Journal-Sentinal reports:

"Prosecutors say the 38-year-old Diamond stabbed a man with a pocket knife during an argument at The Grand Avenue Saloon in Port Washington on Christmas Day.

Diamond's defense attorney told a judge earlier that of the half-dozen people at the bar who were interviewed by police, no one saw Diamond stab the man, who was not seriously hurt."

Surprisingly, not a single Yelp review for The Grand Avenue Saloon mentions it as the place where Screech stabbed a guy. 

... and we actually have a Saved By The Bell themed shirt! What a day.