Photo of Chicago PD Dressing up Suspect as Deer

Two Chicago police officers are in a little hot water over a photo from the late 1990s where they pretend to be hunters and a drug-dealing suspect (later charged with nothing) is dressed up as a deer. Actually, only one officer, Timothy McDermott, was removed from the force because of the photo. The other officer, Jerome Finnigan, is already in jail -- currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for robbery and home invasion.

The two were part of a disgraced special unit that, according to USA Today, was "accused of robbing drug dealers and other individuals."  And that disgraced unit was part of a disgraced police department that routinely tortured suspects from 1972 to 1991 with mock executions, electric shock, and telephone-book beatings.

Obviously, that was back when people still used telephone books. 

But at least they didn't kill the guy in the photo! In Cleveland, recently exonerated officers fatally shot two unarmed individuals 123 times. 

At least in Cleveland they're killing who they shoot at: in Burlington, Iowa, a police officer accidentally shot a woman who had called 911 when he was trying to shoot her barking dog. Whoops! The officer was cleared of all charges and all files and evidence have been sealed and aren't open to public records laws.

But in Detroit this week, the police shot the dog they were trying to shoot, musician Alison Lewis' dog Millie. Mission accomplished! Millie is a cattle dog who was barking at the officer and was summarily shot in the face. 

Millie is black AND white.