Coach Fred Hoiberg Leaves Iowa State for the Chicago Bulls

Well ... Fred Hoiberg's leaving the bright lights of Ames for the small town charm and murder rate of Chicago. We saw him in a Des Moines bathroom once. Here are some thoughts as he departs:

- Chicago will sure be surprised to see Aaron Eckhart coaching the Bulls. 

- It has always been Fred's dream to be belittled, then pushed out, by Bulls management in 2019. #dreambig

- From Hoiball to Hornball?

- With a Big 12 Season Championship and NCAA Tournament victory under your belt, there's nothing left to accomplish at the college level! 

- Who needs to be better than Kansas, anyway?

- Man, a 5 years stretch is about as much as Hoiberg can take in Ames.

- Jordan's mansion is still for sale (and we hear the price has dropped and school district is great).   

- If one man has the charms to pull Jordan from retirement, it's Fred. 

- Hey, it worked for Tim Floyd! #UTEP #WhichIsUniversityOfTexas....something

- We'll always have Paul Rhoads. 

- At least there were no compromising photos with Natty Light. #WideRight 

- His heart condition will give him some street-cred with Chicago's Super Fans.

- At least all your players will be of legal drinking age. 

- No more fucking GPAs to worry about. These guys can be as dumb as they want!

- You won't have to write any more sociology papers for a player. 

- The Iowa job may be open in 3 years. #GreenerPasturesForFran

- No more kissing high school kids' asses.