Roundabouts in Cedar Falls are Actually a Really Big Deal

The Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ is a real organization. Not surprisingly, they get fired up about abortion and gay rights (after all, "Homosexuality is a Behavior, Not a Civil Right (Genesis 2:24)", uhhh, duhh!!). But apparently the 3rd prong of the devil's trident is the roundabout. This anti-American scourge reared its safety-conscious head in Northeast Iowa when the city of Cedar Falls proposed adding some to University Avenue. Noooo!!!!!!! Over the last few months, shit has gotten heated. The CVPC sprung into action, a local building owner said that living in Cedar Falls now was like living in Communist Vietnam, and a City Councilman recently called a constituent a "horse's ass" at a council meeting. The chilling music in the clip below says it all: the city is doing the work of the dark lord. A shirt may be coming out about this, so stay tuned.