Howard Stern Does NOT Like Fargo

Not only does Howard Stern follow local morning TV in Fargo, he will not stand for local morning TV in Fargo questioning his yearly earnings. North Dakota Today's Chris Berg asked, "How is Howard Stern making $95 million a year?" 

Which is a good question.

Stern doesn't think so. He went on a "four-minute tirade" where he explained that, "The reason I worked so hard is so I woudn't have to live in Fargo, North Dakota, honestly. No offense if you live there. I'm pretty sure if you're living there, you're trying to get out ... Gee whiz .. I didn't know Fargo still existed ... Good lord. Well, anyway." 

Howard, amateur historian, is remembering that Fargo was established in 1951 as a place where New Yorkers who didn't work hard enough were sent. When Howard was a boy in the 1950s, his father used to say (like all New York fathers), "Son, if you don't work hard, you'll have to live in Fargo." Then Fargo didn't exist for a while in the 1980s, but now it exists again. 

"Sirius satellite radio," Stern went on, "is the best thing to happen to Fargo, North Dakota, because they can now get national programming on their radio." 

It turns out that Sirius satellite radio still exists.

Well, if Sirius Satellite Radio is the best thing to happen to Fargo, then the Hotel Donaldson is a close 2nd. 

Also, according to the CDC, Fargo is the drunkest city in America. Maybe people are too intoxicated to find the city's exits.