Mo Interns, Mo Problems (Update!!!)

The Missouri Legislature has been successfully sexually harassing young, female interns in a bi-partisan manner for decades. But this year, change is in the air: Republican speaker John Diehl resigned after flirtatious text messages with an intern came to light and Democratic Senator Paul LeVota resigned after accusations that he made casual chit-chat with college-age interns about their sex lives and let them know that what his wife and kids "don't know won't hurt them." 

The Kansas City Star found that sexual harassment in Jefferson City has been rampant for years. New city slogan, anyone?

From this unwelcome attention, to unwelcome touching, to sexual assault, Missouri's government is really emphasizing 3 different branches of American representative democracy.

But in an effort to reform and protect the victims, the Missouri House suggested a logical solution: a new dress code for interns

Great men like John Diehl and Paul LeVota have had their lives turned upside down by the actions of female interns who decided to wear clothes to work -- clothes that may have left exposed clavicles or knee caps.

You expect men to work in those conditions?!? These fathers, husbands, Christians -- pillars of the Missouri community! -- are forced to look at uncovered bare shins.

And in America of all countries. This isn't Saudi Arabia (unfortunately).  

First women get us thrown out of the Garden of Eden and then they ruin our lives with their constant temptressing! Walking around, conversing with us, or possibly being friendly. You vile witches!!! 

If ladies working in government don't want sexual attention from elected officials, they need to really spell it out. 

Without rules like this, more extreme measures will need to be taken: like expecting elected officials and men in general not act like sleazy fucking assholes.