RE-POST FROM AUG 2015: Deez Nuts 2016

As we've watched the election, we've thought: "Man, a pair of Truck Nutz-brand vehicle testicles would do as well as some of these jokers." And it turns out we were right (kind of!). A candidate named "Deez Nuts" has been polling well nationally. It has made for some some funny moments with newscasters saying "Deez Nuts." Which is as absurd as newscasters saying, "Republican Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump." 

It turns out "Deez Nuts" is not an inanimate object, but a teenager in Northwest Iowa. While we may not agree with all of that kids' views, we do think that Deez Nuts should be a part of the dialogue. We've made Deez Nuts shirts and some posters you can pull and use if you too are a Nuts supporter.

Important Note: We did not come up with the idea of Deez Nuts (though wish we had!). Brady, if you read this, reach out to us and we can send you a percentage of the shirt sales.

Important Note 2: If you'd like high res versions of any of the posters below, just e-mail!