Daylight Savings Time

Of all the weapons in my kids' arsenal they use to break me, sleep deprivation is their most effective. All of them have a superhuman ability of finding 5AM in any time zones -- 4:45AM if I've been up just a little bit late or was remotely enjoying myself. This weekend they're calling in the Federal Government for assistance. Now I have a whole week to dread getting up insanely early on Sunday morning, and then a whole week after that to slowly get my kids back from waking up at an "Un-Godly-Early" hour to just an "Unreasonably Early" hour. 

The time change. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.





How does this happen? Who is doing this to me?! It's 2015 and we're just moving time around willy-nilly? This is not a matter to be taken lightly. Though some people do.

"Enjoy that extra hour of sleep!"

"Hit the snooze button!"

Fuck you. You better back up, Quad-City Dispatch-Argus, you're dealing with a loose cannon here!

Others, like The Atlantic, understand the gravity of what we're facing here. From an increase in the rate of heart attacks to lost productivity, Daylight Savings Time needs to be stopped!



How can we make this happen? Preferably before the weekend, but even next year is cool. Now, there are plenty of political issues I care about -- Health Care Reform, Minimum Wage, etc etc etc. But at this particular time, they are all dwarfed by Daylight Savings Time.

How does this thing exist?!

I don't care if you make the whole year Daylight Savings Hour, or Regular Hour, or just split it down the middle and move it by half and hour and leave it for the whole year! Whatever, just knock this bullshit off! 

But I'm not alone. There is currently a petition to Congress to end Daylight Savings Time. Sign it! Send it! If we can't eliminate this fucking insane institution, what hope do we have for greater reform in America?