Made In The Midwest: End Tables

Since RAYGUN's inception in 2005, we've put a premium on either making our products or sourcing what we don't make from manufacturers we can trust. We started doing our own screenprinting in downtown Des Moines in 2005, using shirts that are cut and sewn sweat-shop free in California. Paper products we don't screenprint are printed by union labor on the north side of Des Moines by Garner, our glassware is screenprinted in West Des Moines by Pyrographics. From our poster frames or coasters, to lip balm and soap, we know where our products come from, and who makes them.

As we've grown, we've decided to work even harder to bring product development and manufacturing back to the Midwest. We've introduced some items we're designing, cutting, and sewing ourselves. 

And now we're introducing end tables that we've spent the last several months developing. We handle all aspects of construction in house: the carpentry, the welding, staining, printing, and design. 

Below is a look at the process. These are the first steps on our part to add to the culture of making in the Midwest. 

(above) End Tables, screenprinted: $95
(above) Wood, screenprinted coasters: $4
 (above) Die-cut wood magnets: $2.50

Everything starts in our space on East 6th Street, the wood is cut, sanded and stained:



We design the prints, cut the screens, then each table top is hand screenprinted using either a stain applied through the screen, or a water-based ink that is then sealed: 

Once a top is printed and sealed, it can be connected to a steel base. The bases are made from 25' 1" and 3/4" square tube. Des Moines Steel drops it off to a undisclosed garage in Ankeny where it is cleaned, cut, and welded by a man named Joe. Look at the photos closely and you'll see a picture of Pope John Paul on the wall. 

(above) "You wanna really feel something wild, huff the smoke coming out of that mother." - Joe

We'll see where this all goes. We hope people buy it so we can keep making it. But keep in mind what that welding helmet says: Don't Meth With Iowa.