Hail To The Huge Assholes!

ANN ARBOR (March 28) -- A New Yorker at U of M, Jake Croman, was recorded ranting at an Uber driver, calling him a "Minimum wage f*aggot" and encouraged him to "Go fucking drive, you little fuck." 

Who uses f*g as an insult anymore? Is it 1998? U of M needs to update their Intro to Derogatory Insults textbooks. 

Or maybe U of M should start teaching classes about how if an Uber driver that you have been routinely harassing starts recording you, that is not the time to let him know that he is a "f*ggot fuck" and that "You're working all day? Guess what? I'm going to sit on my ass and watch TV. Fuck you." 

Because without that class, you may become a website. Like jakecroman.com. 

C'mon kids. Seriously.