Among Iowa's Congressional Caucus, The Race for "Biggest Dipshit" Is Heating Up!

Steve King, Iowa's longest running elected white supremacist, has held onto to our "Biggest Dipshit" title among Iowa's Congressional Caucus. But Rod Blum has really been giving King a run for his money. 

First was his bizarre elementary school interview walkout, then his claim that men shouldn't bear any cost of maternity insurance, but his latest ethics violation -- not reporting ownership of a company, having his chief of staff give false marketing info about the company, using official government images and accounts to do so, etc etc etc -- is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of ineptitude!  

Speaking about the violation, DC lawyer Melanie Sloan to the AP: "This is just wrong from A to Z. There is no gray area here. He just can't do what he's doing. We were just laughing about it because it's so ridiculous." 

The details of this are indeed so laughably silly that we don't even want to try and summarize them here, just head over the article and read it yourself!