Bathroom Bill Strikes Again!

Iowa has officially thrown it's hat in the "Bathroom Bill" ring!

"Bathroom Bills" have always baffled us. If you are regularly seeing strangers' genitals in the bathroom, you MIGHT be doing bathroom-trips wrong. So, before we start saying who's in, who's out, maybe we take a survey on how junk is getting inspected-or-see-or-waved-about in the first place. 

Second of all. "Public safety?" Come-the-F-on. We don't necessarily mind proposed laws that do nothing but fire up those who fear what they don't understand to vote for the assholes who are firing them up, but we do mind when that kind of bull shit is done under the guise of "Safety." 

The folks proposing this "Bathroom Bill" have also put forward legislation that would allow registered gun owners to bring their gun onto school property