Sources Tell Us: Greitens May Fight Impeachment By Taping MO Legislature to Exercise Equipment & Snapping Some Blackmail Photos.

There is a lot of poor government going on right now, but Eric Greitens may still have a strangle hold on first place. The flow chart of this guys' malfeasance looks like Russell Crowe's wall in A Beautiful Mind

Secret texting apps, misuse of money, misuse of non-profit donor lists for campaign fundraising, NOT TO MENTION, assault, blackmail, sexual harassment, and being one serious jerk (AKA: one sick puppy). 

Just today there is a NEW claim that Greitens paid staff through an academic grant. Wow. 

Part of us thinks: if we can't put this guy in jail where he belongs, maybe we leave him in office to see how hot this dumpster fire can get.