Gary The Cat's Tips for Writing the Perfect 2020 Holiday Card.

Hey everyone, Gary here. Grizzled father of 4. RAYGUN executive. Cat. Like many of you, I've been struggling with what to say in my annual holiday card. I want to look at the positives but I also want to call out my cousin Greg for his totally wack-a-doodle social media posts -- DOESN'T SOMEONE HAVE TO?!! 

So, before mailing my holiday letter, I sketch out a few thoughts, then see if I should, maybe, re-frame them a bit. For instance, taking learning from home

Telling family and friends about "the day Dad was talking to himself in the bathroom" (as the kids call it), might bum some people out. So maybe this is an opportunity to appreciate all the teachers on our list!

Grocery delivery does help keep the community safer! 

There isn't a right or wrong way to meditate. I think my early-evening stare sessions are just part of my self-care routine. 

And speaking of self-care and self-improvement:

Hmmm, not sure I should be recommending supplements in a Christmas card. 

But, speaking of health advice:

Better save that for social media? Or keep it to myself? BUT LIVES ARE AT STAKE! Which brings me to Greg:

It does seem a little heavy-handed to call out one family member in a letter to everyone. But, c'mon, we're all thinking the same thing about Greg. Then there's Jim:

Let's think of the positives:

See, staying home's not so bad! 

But when your kids aren't even allowed to go to Target and you get Karen and Chad's holiday card photo:

Breathe, Gary, breathe. Let's go to the window for a minute. You're getting all worked up. 

Yup, and that new vacuum works great!

Yeah, metaphysics might be a little much. 

If you've got an investment account and it's got Zoom or Microsoft, I'm doing my part for you! And speaking of non-screen recreation:

Be cool, Gary. Maybe there are some positives in missing holiday dinners if Mom is going to seat you next to Tim again:

Maybe, for this year, less-is-more: