Hey, 2 Out of 2.9 Million Isn't Bad!

Okay, so imagine we live in a world where the President says that he has evidence that nearly 2.9 million people voted illegally, swinging the entire popular vote. Now, 2.9 MILLION people is like saying the ENTIRE STATE POPULATION OF KANSAS voted illegally. 

That President forms a committee of the best and the brightest, and that committee disbands after finding 2 people. 2. Forget the population of Kansas, 2 people isn't even the population of RAYGUN's design desk (population: 4). 

In that alternate universe, you'd think there'd be more questions following the dissolution. Mainly, "Sooooo, I guess 2.9 million people DIDN'T vote illegally? Does the President know?"

But we don't live in an alternate universe, we live in Modern America, where guys like Kris Kobach walk away from that committee saying, "I'm ready to run for governor!"