How Do You Lose to an Imaginary Problem?

... and another thing about Kris Kobach: when you are tasked with uncovering imaginary voter fraud, how-in-the-holy-Hell do you not just declare victory and go home?!

Solving a problem that doesn't exist should be easy! It'd be like being in charge of the Committee to Prevent Chik-Fil-A from Selling Hamburgers. You could walk in and be like, "Don't sell hamburgers," then walk out and go, "Mission Accomplished!" 

We compare Kobach to Don Quixote, but even Quixote hit a windmill he thought was a dragon. He had to contend with a real object. 

Kobach could have been like, "Okay, millions voted illegally, we found them, their names are secret, and we're going to start prosecuting. Yessir, we've got big problems, but I'm on top of things."

Instead, his commission is dissolved and he admits to prosecuting 2 of 2.9 million.