In American Politics, The Hurried TV Interview With Your Wife Seems Like a BAD Sign...

Far be it from us to say who we believe or don't believe before getting all the facts (we're not elected officials or anything!), but when we saw Brett Kavanaugh take his wife onto Fox for a sit down to discuss his character we thought: "Dayummm, this doesn't look good." 

The bring-your-wife-along-interview is turning into an American political tradition! Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Eric Greitens, and more have all brought the Mrs along to defend themselves, to varying degrees of success. 

One bright exception is Jenny Sanford, ex-wife of South Carolina's Mark Sanford. When Mark got caught "hiking the Appalachian trail" (AKA visiting a girlfriend in South America), Jenny not only didn't show up for the apology interview, she filed for divorce and kicked him out of the house. The world would be a better place with more Jenny Sanford.