Is That a Car Going Off a Cliff Into an Active Dumpster Fire? State Legislature Must Be in Session!

LOTS OF PLACES! (April 3) - It's like a National Geographic nature documentary in Kansas: new moderate, bipartisan life hatches in the legislature -- from tax reform to Medicaid expansion -- and takes its first steps out of the nest, before being EATEN ALIVE by Sam Brownback. Today the Kansas state legislature fell 3 votes short of overriding Sam Brownback's veto of Medicaid expansion. Wump wump wump.

Of course, the car-going-off-a-cliff-into-an-active-dumpster-fire known as State Legislation isn't unique to Kansas. Our home state of Iowa is giving a college effort at tanking the Hawkeye State. Wisconsin's running behind going, "Is there room for one more in the Dumpster fire?!"

Brownback's veto pen reminded Mike of this brief e-mail exchange with the Midwestern Governor's Association e-mail list (entire conversation below):