Gov Jerky McJerkface

Eric Greitens, Missouri's Governor and big jerk, wanted to fire the state's Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven. Since Vandeven is popular and does a good job supporting public education, the Education Board refused, so Greitens dismissed some members, appointed new members, but then STILL couldn't get the board to remove Vandeven, so he replaced MORE members until he was able to get enough votes to remove Vandeven in a closed-door meeting

On top of that, Greitens, who is is a massive jerk, and his staff take secrecy to a whole new level, using a messaging app that deletes all communication, in possible violation of open records laws -- forcing an investigation by the state's attorney general. 

On top of that and on top of the other thing, Greitens, who is known to be really jerky, has used dark money that is even dark by MISSOURI standards (which means that money must be black-as-hell!). Most of it flows through New Missouri Inc, a nonprofit created by Greitens' closest advisors. 

Add to that his state-funded travel to advance his career, his attacks on legislators, and you've got the makings of a a real jerk.