Just Another Career-Obsessed, Nail-Biting, Manophobic, Hell-Bent, Feminist She-Devil ... And Did I Mention Banshee?

Courtland Sykes, Senatorial candidate from the great state of Missouri, was asked: "Do you favor women's rights?" His answer started with "Well--", which is a bad sign! 

Then what followed is above. And HO-LEE-SHEEZ. That is some wild stuff. "Banshees." "She-Devils." "Home cooked dinner at six every night." "Nasty, snake-filled heads." 

Like many folks, we were like, "Surely some of his initial quotes were taken out of context." Luckily for us, Courtland himself released the text on his Facebook page. Talk about context NOT making statements read better!

This thing reads more like Exhibit A in a serial killer trial than candidate for office's answer to a question.

We were also thrown off by the plea for "home based enterprise." 

This might be the most embarrassing moment for a man from Missouri talking about women .... except for Rush Limbaugh calling women on birth control sluts who should release their sex tapes. Orrrrr when sitting Missouri Representative Todd Akin said that pregnancy didn't arise from "legitimate rape." Orrrr..... OKAY, that's enough! We don't need to go on all day.