Kobach for Governor

Candidate for Kansas Governor, current Secretary of State, and asshole, Kris Kobach, was found in contempt of court this week for failing to not-infringe-upon constitutional voting rights

US District Court Judge Julie Robinson noted that, "The Court is troubled by Defendant's failure to take responsibility for violating this Court's orders, and for failing to ensure compliance over an issue that he explicitly represented to the Court had been accomplished." 

Kobach (who, like a crazy person, represented himself in the case) is now ordered to pay a fine and attorney fees for the prosecution.

Heads up: if you wonder where your Kobach campaign donations are going, we think you may want to look under the "LEGAL FEES" folder. 

Kobach has been threatened with contempt before (in 2016), and has been giving almost 2 years to get his act together. But, you know, life can get in the way! So this January, the ACLU filed the most recent motion to hold Kobach in contempt. And here we are! 

The only thing left for us to do was to help Kobach think of a campaign slogan that kind encapsulated his"Bringing it down from the inside" or "The guy who knows the most about the law is the one breaking the law" or "I don't give AF about constitutional rights" attitude. 

We went with "Because To Enforce the Law, You Gotta Break the Law." But some others in the running were: 

- "Kobach 2018: The Law & Order-ISH Candidate."
- "Kobach 2018: Sometimes, to Make an Omelette, You Gotta Disenfranchise Some Voters!"
- "Kobach 2018: Respect for the Constitution is Pretty Important to Him ... Most of the Time."
- "Kobach 2018: Because Your Rights are Our Decisions."
- "Kobach 2018: Breaking the Law? I AM The Law."