Lisa Lucas Approved...

Our most recent collaboration with the "Iowa City Unesco City of Literature" folks is the "Iowa City is LITerature." It not only helps raise money for the City of Literature, it is also approved by Lisa Lucas, the executive director of the National Book Foundation -- she got a sneak peak of the design when she was in Iowa City in September. 

The NBF hands out the National Book Awards, which RAYGUN has yet to win (but should have). No word yet from the NBF on if this design counts as a book, and, if it does, if it will win some kind of an award. 

Either way, Iowa City will always be totally lit (-erature). We mean, if you want to get your mind blown (by books), or pass out (reading in bed), or really experiment with the hard (back) shit, then head to Johnson County, Iowa. 

Lots of people also get drunk there.