Northeast Kansas: Natural Fit for the Winter Games!

When a group of folks got together to map out where Overland Park, Kansas would be in 20 years, "OLYMPICS" went on the white board. You may guffaw and say, "The summer games are going to be in Kansas?!" But then we flip the script and are like, "Wait up, bro, summer games are 2036 and 2040. 2038 is the WINTER GAMES." 

Then you're like: #MindBlown

The 2022 winter games got only TWO bids: China and Kazakhstan. The real Kazakhstan, not the fake one Borat was from. Both host cities have warmer winters than Overland Park.

The winter games in Sochi and even Vancouver were so warm that both struggled to make enough snow for the games (Vancouver even helicoptered in real snow). 

So the winter games really don't need snow. They just need a location and government that is corrupt-or-crazy enough to bid on a massive money-loser like the Winter games. And after the Brownback years, Kansas has got crazy government down pat! Now, if they just work some wasteful spending into Topeka, we're gonna be seeing bobsleds in the OP before we know it!