Omaha Store Construction

Wow. Back in December of 2019 our plan was to open at 1108 Jackson on May 1st. HA! Here we are, opening, and it's almost September. 

But, we foolishly didn't account for a global pandemic (like a bunch of dummies!), which has made construction, staffing, and planning a bit of a challenge -- to say the least.  

Still, HERE WE ARE. We've made it. We not only do all our own printing and design, we do our own store display construction and installation, so on every project we are there for every step of the way -- from lease to design to installation. 

The building itself is beautiful -- great facade, great space, great southern light. The neighborhood and neighbors are amazing -- that extra 3 months let us get to know Brickway and Upstream and Jackson Street Booksellers VERY well! 

We have thought about an Omaha store for over 10 years, so what's a few more months delay? 

Below are some photos of the process.