Raising Money for Flower Power

Every month a portion of our sales go to the Midwest's Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Iowa Environmental Council, and local projects to help establish more pollinator-friendly gardens.

In addition to that, the month of May will see a portion of our new Midwestern prairie flowers shirt go to the Iowa Prairie Network

Helping pollinators is easier than you think! Stopping use of pesticides and insecticides on your yard saves you time, so that one step makes your life easier! 

Then, if you wanted to get wilder, you could set aside a part of your yard for a wild-flower patch. You have to seed it, but then just mow it once a year. So, again, saving time on mowing! 

RAYGUN-owner, Mike, has been turning his whole front yard into a wildflower patch for about 4 years now. If someone as gardening-inept as him can do it, so can you!