RAYGUN Cedar Falls!

We are finally opening in beautiful downtown Cedar Falls! And we're coming with our DSM/Omaha buddies, Vinyl Cup Records. 

We've had our eye on the Cedar Valley for years. Back in 2012, Mike did a reading at Octopus and looked at a spot on Main Street that didn't work out. Then, in 2018, we threw our name in the hat before the rehabbing of the Public Market building in Waterloo (that space went to Verve Kombucha Brewing, which, by the way, is great kombucha). Then, we had an LOI on a different space in downtown Cedar Falls and hoped to open in the summer of 2020 (WHOOPS!). That also fell through. 

We only opened one store in 2020, Omaha (because we'd signed the lease before the pandemic), and Cedar Falls was put on hold again. 

But, here it is! Lease signed at 205 Main Street and we're getting ready to rock! We're excited to be a small part of the phenomenal Waterloo-Cedar-Falls-UNI-Cedar-Valley-Edge-Of-The-Driftless community! 

Original tin ceiling will stay full in tact: 

And the original brick is on full display: 

Just a block down from the theater, Blackhawk Hotel, and Cedar River.