Reddit Discovers the "Please Don't Run Me Over" Bike Jersey

Didn't know we made bike jerseys? We've got a collection called "The Bicycle Agenda!" Bent on destroying the American dream by advocating for bicycle safety. 

But, wait, there's more! Just when you found out we made bike jerseys, now you'll find out that we've even worked hard to give those jerseys on people on bikes somewhere to bike. We advocated for, and helped push, the first protected bike lanes in Central Iowa, that run right next to our store on Grand. 

But we also drive cars. We love the car people. So great. So we made a helpful map explaining where cars could drive on Des Moines' near East Side if they wanted to avoid the protected bike lane(s). 

Long story short: we do sell bike jerseys. And other stuff. 

PS: those bike jerseys are 100% made in America, by Voler in California