Remembering Bill Stowe

This week, Iowa lost one of its modern water quality pioneers, Bill Stowe. Bill was an amazing guy who could have done lots of things, but decided to use his powers for good! 

We at RAYGUN followed his lead to raise money for water quality initiatives, volunteer for water quality restoration projects, and general take more of an interest in how we treat water in this country. 

Heck, we even published Jennifer Wilson's book, Water, which was inspired by the Water Works water quality initiatives. 

There is still plenty of work to be done, and so we're still with Stowe. 

Our "Still With Stowe" shirt is made in conjunction with Bill's family, raising money for CCI's Clean Water Defense Fund. Check out some great photos of Bill taken by Ryan Donnell (photo credit for the top image). And to read more about Bill, maybe start with this tribute from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Art Cullen: