Our Cedar Falls store has gotten so many requests for our 2015 roundabouts shirt, that we have decided to re-design it. 

Full disclosure: we are not against roundabouts! We kind of like them, and they are often a handy traffic tool (we're ready for the backlash). 

What we also like are people totally blowing things out of proportion. So, back when a roundabout was proposed on University Avenue, some people in the community decided to rise up. 

One was The Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ. Yup. Apparently the 3rd prong of Satan's trident is roundabouts (we assume the first 2 are abortion and gay stuff). 

Another person upset about the roundabout said it reminded him of living in Communist Vietnam

Then, our favorite incident was when a City Councilman lost it and called someone a "horse's ass" at a meeting. It led to this amazing clip: