Science Ideas We Didn't Use!

When we were thinking of science designs, a lot got left at the bottom of the beaker. For fun, we've taken some out, warmed them up over the bunsen burner and posted them here for you to enjoy!

The most offensive ones we thought of are going in the hazardous materials bin and will never see the light of day (unless Russia wants to hack into our server and compile some 'KOMPREMAT' on Mike, because ... wow, we say some off-the-wall things!).


Some others: 

- All Life Is Matter
- Science: It's RELATIVELY Important.
- Get In Loser, We're Going to Science.
- You Like Electricity?!
- Who Needs Science When You Have Feels?
- I Once Was Lost, But I've Found GPS.
- Science: Putting Hippies to Work Since The 1200s.
- Science: Remember Polio?
- Science?! Well Why'd My Grandpa Die?!
- Leeching is So Hot Right Now.
- Science: Without It, You'd Still Be Shooting Mercury Into Your Dick-hole to Cure Syphilis (it's true, look it up!).  
- Science: Do What You Want on Sunday Morning. 
- Truck Nutz: Brought To You By Science. 
- Science: What Have You Done for Me Lately?
- Science: It's Real, Even If You Don't Believe In it. 
- Science? You Mean Satanism?!
- If Science is So Great, Why Hasn't It Cured Libtardation?
- Science Till You Puke! 
- Grab 'Em By The Science.