Season 7 Of The Hit Comedy About Life In A North Iowa Unincorporated Community:

PORTLAND, IA (Jan 5) - It seems like the most unlikely place to set a hit comedy show! An unincorporated community of about 17 people in northern Iowa. But Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein capture all aspects of life in this corner of Cerro Gordo County. Portland IA: the people, the cows, the food, the lesbian bookstores!

Before the show, most people would not have known much about Portland IA. Sperling's Best Places gives us some hard data. The total population, about 17, contains a whopping 29.4% non-married folks. So get that dirt off your shoulder because the 1.292 Portland IA singles are roughly 58.4-years-old and ready to mingle!

You could ride a single speed bicycle through historic neighborhoods, make some shell art, or go shopping with your bird-covered-tote-bags. 

That's IF you can find the time for R&R. Portland IA's unemployment rate is listed at 4.1%, meaning almost the whole town (except for 0.697 people) are working.  

To commemorate all things Portland IA, we've made a shirt for the occasion! It even has a star to mark the location of Portland IA, in case you've been living under a rock and don't know where it is!