Steve King: Putting the "Is This Guy HIGH?" In "High-falutin' rhetoric"!

When NBC News asked Steve King about his stance on the dreamers, even they were a little taken aback at this jerk-off's bizarre response -- that dreamers could continue to "live in the shadows" like they came here to do

Talk about inspiring! 

One caveat: if your dream is wave a Confederate flag at a violent white nationalist rally or wave a Confederate flag at an Iowa high school football game before you ambush and kill 2 police officers, then Steve will put that dream on his desk!

Steve left that flag up on his desk after the Dylan Roof's South Carolina Black Church shooting that killed 9 people and inspired South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from their capitol grounds. Steve left it up because of .... um, is the answer history? Or Un-PC-ness?

But wait, there's more: after the police shooting in Iowa by another Confederate-flag-waving loon, Steve decided it was time to take his Confederate flag down. He explained, "That connection to that murderer ... that's the reason I went and took the flag down off my desk."  

What? So Steve can see that symbols can be offensive to some when connected with violent acts, no matter the reason you display that symbol? Wow! When it comes to the Confederate flag, Steve can see all of the intricacies and ins-and-outs-and-what-have-yous of history and culture, etc etc. He can see the power of symbols, the power of words, positive or negative.

When it comes to immigration policy, though, Steve lives in his dreams.