Student Activism: Hell Yes.

The sight of kids walking out of schools to protest their government's inaction makes us smile! Progress doesn't just fall from the sky, it is worked for. Likewise, the situation the country is not solely "because of the Second Amendment." Like all Amendments, the Second is one that is interpreted and worked on by successive generations. 

Those on the terrorist watchlist have access to guns, but not just because of the Second Amendment; those who have declared themselves too mentally ill to work have access to guns, but not just because of the Second Amendment; the Center For Disease control cannot even do research on gun violence in America, but not just because of Second Amendment. 

Those particular things are legislative efforts pushed by lawmakers who take money from the National Rifle Association, which is an organization not out to protect Constitution rights, but an industry group backed and run by those who make and sell firearms. 

Just this week in Florida, with survivors of the Parkland shooting present, legislators refused to even debate an assault weapons ban, and instead moved on to pass a law that called pornography dangerous

Is that because of the Second Amendment? Or was that a decision made by particular individuals who have been elected to represent you? 

We're not up against some impenetrable constitutional fortress. We're up against people who are elected and answer to the NRA.  

The NRA claiming to be a group bent on constitutional freedom is like a media conglomerate pushing market deregulation in the interest of free speech. 

For the NRA, profits come before rights. And for the NRA, lawmakers answer to money and fear of NRA-backed anger. 

If you are new to activism, you will probably hear that "This is just the way things are," and that it is a very "complicated issue." No it's not. Other first world countries, like Canada, the UK, or Australia, have personal gun ownership but without the sky-high gun-death rate and mass murder rate of the US. 

Things should and can be done. 

But it is a long process. It has taken the NRA decades of steady work to get America to this point, and it will be decades of work to get America back from this brink. 

If you are a young person getting active in changing this country for the better, we are behind you! We are donating to your causes, receptive to your voice, and can assist in any way possible. Feel free to reach out to us ( or 515 288 1323) and let us know what you think!