Tanager Place Art Show - Cedar Rapids

Our Cedar Rapids store is happy to host some artwork from the kids at Tanager Place. Since 1879, Tanager Place has been helping children with mental and behavioral health challenges begin to heal.  Often times it is difficult for these children to express themselves.   

For more than 35 years, The Expressive Arts program has been an integral part of therapy using graphic arts, music and creative writing for children ages five to seventeen. Working in the safe and nurturing environment of The Natalie and Joe Cohn Expressive Arts House, the children have the opportunity to resolve difficult problems through symbolic expression, to experience the act of creating and the joy of imagination. 

The Art House is a unique and special place on the Tanager Place campus. It offers the children a place to come for their own creative expressions in an open studio setting. 

Art is often perceived as a release of emotions as well as satisfying the human need to communicate. In fulfilling those needs, children and adolescents find satisfaction in art activities. While the end product may be fine and significant, it is of secondary importance to the contacts with ideas and feelings that were enjoyed during its production.