Thank You, Educators.

My wife and I have 4 kids (which is kind of a lot of kids), and each of those kids has a lot of my genetics (which can be annoying in adult form, let alone in 7-year-old form), and all of those kids have been learning from home since last March. WOW.

Above are just a few of our 7-year-old's poses during the day this year. Before the pandemic, I considered myself grateful for my wife, for educators, and for our local public school system. After the pandemic? It is hard for me to put into words how awe-inspiring education is.

We unleashed that foot-cell-phone-kid on the school system years ago, and he has not only learned things, but has loved school.

It's incredible. 

This year, schools and educators dialed up the difficulty by doing it all online. Keeping kids engaged online, especially the young ones, in an effort to keep communities safer has been nothing short of miraculous

Thank you to all educators, thank you to my wife, and thank you to our dog for being there to watch our son's snacks.