The Dumpster Fire's Warm, & There's Room For One More!

So people are all like: "Iowa is cutting taxes irresponsibly, just like Kansas!" 

But we're like: whoa whoa whoa, not so fast. Back when Kansas tanked its budget by slashing taxes, they said it was about boosting growth that would offset those cuts. That growth never came, the state crapped out, and they had to raise taxes and the outgoing Governor who cut taxes called some public facilities "a pit."

Iowa, on the other hand, is not even putting those rose-colored-growth glasses on as it proposes deep tax cuts. 

State Senator Randy Feenstra says: "We're not looking at any economic growth in this bill. We hope that economic growth plays out, but we're not forecasting any economic growth."

So, chill out everyone! We may have a red-hot-dumpster-fire brewing, but at least we're not being lied to!