The USA: Belligerent Bro of North America!

Of all the countries in North America, the US is like the one who's had a couple too many Natty Lights and is like, "Hey, Mexico, d'you bump into my girlfriend?! Hey, d'you shove her, bro?"

And Canada is like, "C'mon, America, chill out."

And America's like, "Don't tell me to chill out you gay-bo!! Someone spilled their drink on my girlfriend and I'm gettin' sick of this shit."

....... four hours later ..... 

America's crying, with Canada and Mexico patting it on the back, "I'm sorry for shoving you guys. I'm sorry! I just ..... I just get so PISSED OFF sometimes, you know." 

And Mexico's like, "Let's get you home and tucked into bed, buddy."