The NRA! Because Campaigns Can't Be Paid For With Thoughts & Prayers!

Let's face some hard facts: in America, 'Thoughts & Prayers' can be expected to achieve monumental things. Some of the most pressing, seemingly intractable issues, as well as some of the most tragic circumstances, are put on the shoulders of our elected officials, who then promptly pass them on to the shoulders of 'Thoughts & Prayers.'

But there's one thing 'Thoughts & Prayers' just can't quite do: pay for your political campaign. 

All that praying and thinking just hasn't yielded tangible, legal tender. 

Pray on it. 

In the meantime, for your campaign money, there's the NRA. For everything else, there's 'Thoughts & Prayers.' 

... On a more serious note, as mainly Iowans who grew up in small towns, we are not flaming-pinko-liberal-cry-babies who have never seen-or-used a firearm. But we do believe the issue of rampant-gun-violence in America needs to be taken seriously. One of the more inspiring days in the store was when Gabby Giffords dropped by to say hi. We support and contribute to her group, Americans For Responsible Solutions