We've Got Our Own Coffee!

When Zombie Burger opened in Des Moines, we talked them into making the "RAYGUN Burger." That honor was followed by Backpocket, which brewed the "RAYGUN IPA" and later "Pucker Up Right Meow" with Gary's stern countenance on the label. It was only a matter of time before we added caffeine to our line-up, and were ecstatic to have our buddy Steve Shriver of Brewhemia connect us with Ross Street Roasting in Tama, Iowa. 

Brian of Ross Street was like: "What are you looking for in a coffee?"

And we were like: "Imagine that your floating through space, hurtling into the unknown, and tasked with a mission to save society with only your wits and a raygun-wielding cat. What does your coffee taste like?"

A couple weeks later, Brian laid "Meow That's What I Call Light Roast" on us and we were like: "Yes, this is exactly what it would taste like."

And he was like: "You can taste the space travel and pressure to save humanity." 

And we were like: "F yeah you can!"

Now you can too! This coffee is in our stores, online, on Ross Street's website, and in all the best coffee shops in the Midwest (if it's not at the coffee shop you go to, then you're drinking dirt).